Machine Tool Recyclers: Scintillating scrap carbide recycling prices; next day payment

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Machine Tool Recyclers, LLC is a BBB Accredited Scrap Metal Supplier in Largo, FL

We buy scrap tungsten carbide for recycling & HSS too

Please Note Our New Florida Address!

630-964-5030   |   Ask for Jon

We offer top prices and prompt payment for:

  • Scrap, used, old, obsolete high-speed steel or tungsten carbide tooling:
    drills, endmills, inserts, taps, router bits, etc
  • Wear parts like compacts, mining bits and saw tips
  • Drawing dies, stamping dies, nozzels
  • Soft carbide scrap / grinding sludge (payment after analysis—about 4 weeks)
  • our sludge/swarf page has details

For hard scrap, we issue your check within 24 hours of receipt.

scrap carbide endmills for recycling scrap carbide endmills for recycling scrap carbide inserts with no holes scrap carbide inserts for recycling scrap carbide nozzels scrap carbide mining tips for recycling scrap carbide saw blades with a slight braze scrap carbide saw tips for recycling scrap carbide wear tips no-braise for recycling

Please refer to the SparkTest and/or HSS Specs for further info on high speed steel

Recycling tungsten carbide & HSS scrap

1Get a bid on your material

  • Call Machine Tool Recyclers Inc. at 630-964-5030.
  • Confirm your carbide scrap price by phone and/or email.

2Ship your scrap carbide

3Carbide / HSS shipment received by MTRI

  • In an effort to help our postal workers, we collect USPS boxes on Tuesdays & Fridays. Using certified-for-trade scales, we sort and weigh your scrap carbide.

4We turn your scrap carbide into cash

  • We cut the check for your scrap carbide within 24 hours of receipt.
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